Welcome to the future web site of the The 144 Stock Exchange. The 144 Stock Exchange will be a member only Exchange where shareholders and investors can offer to trade or sell restricted shares of a private or public company that they currently own, and acquire shares in a company that they do not own. Members will have the ability to post information on a stock they own and want to sell or trade, and also list names of stocks they’re interested in purchasing. Members will be connected directly with each other and Exchange members names and information can be kept strictly Anonymous if the member so chooses.

All transactions will be handled by the member or their attorney, the company’s transfer agent, and if needed, an escrow agent. The 144 Exchange will have two levels of membership fees, will charge no commissions and will have no interaction with any transactions. The site is strictly an introductory and information site.

Founders and first round investors of private and public companies often find themselves as controlling shareholders or affiliates, with the majority of their portfolio in one stock. They have no diversification and are unable to liquidate without filings that can upset shareholders. Using144 Stock Exchange and trading for shares in their company on an equal basis for shares in another frees them up in a year or less, giving them liquidity.

If you would like to be informed when we launch, please sign up. All members names and information will be held strictly confidential.

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